Chinatown needs our help!

posted over 7 years ago by morgan
This update is over 30 days old.

At this time we have met or are meeting all needs that have been logged - of course there are countless more to come as people get back on their feet. We simply have to wait for them. However, something you can do NOW is help out Chinatown:

CAAAV is a nonprofit working in the community there, and they have asked for our help. Residents are widely without power and there is an immediate need for non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries and generators!

CAAAV is located at 46 Hester St. and they are opening tomorrow at 10am to collect and distribute donations. Residents also have virtually no access to news and information, so they need volunteers to help canvass the neighborhood - translators will be available to help with fliers.

As we wait to gather more needs from LES residents, please consider helping out Chinatown, whether in person or by collecting needed items. Comment below if you can help!

Thank you for your volunteerism and compassion!


  • From another thread -- Elisa, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council:

    I have good and important news regarding tomorrow: we are co-coordinating efforts with another LES organization we work closely with, CAAAV. As you know from my earlier updates, Two Bridges offices are flooded; CAAAV's are intact and they will be able to house donated items as well as offer a meeting space for volunteers.

    CAAAV's office (46 Hester Street) will be open tomorrow at 10am to receive the following donations: - flashlights - batteries - food (perishable and non-perishable) - bottled water

    Also, note that most people downtown do not have access to phone or internet, as major carriers do not currently have service in the area--- so CAAAV and Two Bridges will be activating volunteers to help us spread the updates about the donated items, as well as updates about electricity, public transportation, etc .

    For those of you listing items and to deliver tomorrow, please meet us at CAAAV and we will co-coordinate efforts from there. Thank you in advance and I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!

    In closing, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well tonight!

    Sincerely, Elisa Espiritu Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

    morgan "(over 7 years ago)"
  • The link to caav is currently broken, you need to change it to have href=''

    djs22 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • will do! thanks!

    morgan "(over 7 years ago)"
  • i'll try to make it down to chinatown at noon with a friend. will be coming from uptown.

    gregwong "(over 7 years ago)"
  • 10AM until when?

    nycbike "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I can volunteer from today 10/31 to Sunday 11/4 please let me know! contact:

    georgiafilms "(over 7 years ago)"
  • If you need a Cantonese or Mandarin translator, I can volunteer tomorrow Thursday 11/1. Please email me at Thanks.

    claraloon "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I speak Cantonese and have a bike. Good for tomorrow... Okay!

    yudonna "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Hi there, do you have an opening / closing time for collection of supplies at 46 Hester? We are hoping to collect items tmr throughout the day and drop off at your office in the afternoon, let me know.


    ericlfho "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Is anyone going to be driving down to 46 Hester Street from the Upper East Side Manhattan that I can hitch a ride from? Please contact me at Thank you.

    HelpingHands "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Similar to above - if there's still a need for volunteers today or tomorrow (Thur/Friday), and anyone's driving down from UES, let me know to hitch a ride as well. I don't mind walking, but it takes a considerably long time.

    enthrop "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Hi, can i still come and volunteer? It's 2pm Thursday

    Lauraf "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I'm free Friday and Saturday to help with clean up, cooking, or childcare. Please feel free to contact me!

    LizzieH "(over 7 years ago)"
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