Help needed at Brooklyn Technical HS (29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn)

posted over 7 years ago by JustinOWS
This update is over 30 days old.

An update from Mesiah in nearby Downtown Brooklyn:

‎"I just spoke to Brooklyn Tech High School evacuation center who have confirmed that 500+ seniors and people with disabilities are on their way in, so there is an urgent need for volunteers. Overnight is really important, particularly 11pm-8am.

Duties might include administrative assistance checking people into the shelter, company for people and perhaps providing assistance for people with their physical comfort.

There is no number to call as they don't have the manpower to answer the phone. Do just pop in, its the South Elliott/DeKalb entrance.

They are good for towels and clothes now, no more required at this time, thank you! A previous request went out for playing cards, crosswords and pens, jigsaws and other entertainment suitable for seniors."


  • Will City Employees be staffing there during the day?

    robinceleste "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I'd love to come and help out. My boyfriend and I would be commuting form West Harlem. Do you need any volunteers for earlier in the day? Please let us know!

    margotcmejia "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I live in the area and plan on coming by. Please let me know if you'd like me to bring anything from my home. Just name it and I'll see if I have it.

    mrblumkryzstal "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I can help! I'm in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Let me know!

    verjinyuh "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I emailed redhook recovers about this posting, and they said volunteers would still be needed in the morning and throughout the day, especially at lunch and dinner times.

    j.lapper "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Heading over in the next few minutes with a friend. Please let us know if we should bring anything.

    osito107 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I live relatively close by and am willing to come in. I have excellent administrative skills, for dinner lines, anything.

    Regards, Liz (

    Elizabeth Bove "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I would like to help as well. Please let me know.

    flatlee "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Do you guys need food over there?

    franibal "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I can volunteer from today to Sunday 11/4 please let me know! contact:

    georgiafilms "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Can this location take food donations?

    salemi77 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I will be available all day tomorrow to help-- e-mail is I am a caretaker worker, and would love to provide help in any way that I can. Thank you for YOUR work!

    BrittanyConnors "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Hi i am available tommorow all day can help with prepairing hot meals email

    puppyeddie "(over 7 years ago)"
  • If needed tonight i can make my self available to assist with checking in and/or answering phone or general logistic

    puppyeddie "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I am available as long as you need me. I currently live in Philly so I would be coming up from there. If i can crash somewhere when i am not working I will work 12+ hr shifts as long as you need me. I am red cross diaster trained and just want to come help. email

    dmhes06 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Highly recommend just showing up. Don't wait for permission! Way too much volume to coord volunteers. I say just go and help and see what you can do. I am sure they will need you.

    Arielspeedwagon "(over 7 years ago)"
  • True, they are accepting people as they come in, seem to need extra help around meals, and were looking for people who could come in early tomorrow. I think they will need more help Thurs/Friday; there are a lot of people staying there who need assistance and support. Just go, and they will put you where they need you!

    ramonac "(over 7 years ago)"
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