Food, Water, Flashlights Needed

posted over 7 years ago by caitria
This update is over 30 days old.

Alert: Please bring donations of Food, Water, Flashlights & Batteries to 46 Hester St in LES. Urgent


  • Hello, I will be there with food water and lighting/batteries around 6 or 7. Can you confirm someone will be there to receive?

    brooklyngrace "(over 7 years ago)"
  • On our way - are we looking for a shelter???

    riccardo_platinum "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Will be there around 3 with groceries, water and hopefully flashlights and batteries

    Sarao "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Some of us in midtown can bike down with supplies. Who should we ask for when we get there?

    elemenopi "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Hi guys, I went down there with a small suitcase full of tinned food and water around 4pm and everything disappeared in front of my eyes. This location can definitely use more aid.

    riccardo_platinum "(over 7 years ago)"
  • What time are they open until? Should I head down or wait for morning?

    aliabrar "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Hey guys I want to help, what time are you guys open/available? Can I head down there in the morning?

    mdambitious2013 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Also I am all the way in Brooklyn, I am not sure if I can bring the supplies you need because of the carpool restrictions for tomorrow and friday? can anyone help on that?

    mdambitious2013 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Never mind, please ignore my last comment

    mdambitious2013 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Is there still a need at this location at this point? I live on the upper east side and will bike down with some supplies if needed, but will i be able to get to the location with the floods and all?

    livolsij "(over 7 years ago)"
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