VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to cook/deliver hot dinner to Rockaways

posted over 7 years ago by JustinOWS
This update is over 30 days old.

Can you help us get hot food to tenants in the Rockaways tonight, one of the hardest hit areas? Meet ASAP at St. Jacobi's church - at 5406 4th Avenue (54th St & 4th Ave) in Sunset Park, BK - to help us cook food and caravan it out there, or stick back to support Sunset and Red Hook!

If you have a car or truck, bring it.

If you don't, text us at (646) 580-7473 and we'll try to match you up with someone who does!

We're all in this together!




  • I can drive from Ditmas Park to St Jacobis then help cook/deliver. Anyone need a ride?

    bigblank "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I would like to help! But I live in Ridgewood, Queens! Any places in Queens that I can help?

    chulee2000 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Based in Manhattan - can help anywhere lower Manhattan - or if any carpools from Manhattan available to outer areas as more roads are opened. Bridges open. Want to get where is needed most!

    ashmsing "(over 7 years ago)"
  • i'm in prospect heights and would love to help, but don't have a car! can anyone help me get there?

    alisontyne "(over 7 years ago)"
  • We are two and can help tomorrow at any time. Please let us know if this is still needed tomorrow and the best time. We have a car and would love to deliver and cook. rebecca@ketchumyoga.com

    Rebecca "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I am in Elmhurst Queens. I want to help but don't have a car. Anyone driving out from here? Call me at 3476742416

    wenboown "(over 7 years ago)"
  • PS number is 707.815.3186 if anyone driving places from Manhattan

    ashmsing "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I am in Park Slope. I am leaving in a few minutes to head to St. Jacobi's. Let me know if you need a ride. Include your address and phone number.

    -Brett 917 4703217

    brettchalfin "(over 7 years ago)"
  • alison, can you head towards park slope? i can give you a ride, but apparently the roads are really backed up heading towards the city

    brettchalfin "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Zipments www.zipments.com (NYC local delivery startup)is working with tons of NYC messengers & couriers for free delivery for relief. We can do cargo. call/text 917-885-7588 or go here: http://www.cyclehawk.com/free-delivery-for-sandy/#.UJGD9EQsG1M

    lieslchang "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I'm in greenpoint. I can cook/any thing else, but I need a ride 208-919-9725

    sirkay "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I am in Richmong Hill in Queens and im gonna leavein like 10 minutes should be there in like an hour

    shaya963 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • btw if anyone in queens needs a ride my number is 347 9745 6068

    shaya963 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • 975 6068^

    shaya963 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Also without car and coming from Manhattan. I could bike down to St. Jacobi's but that could take upto 2 hrs.

    Anyone driving down from manhattan?

    vsahni "(over 7 years ago)"
  • My number is 732.429.3487

    vsahni "(over 7 years ago)"
  • no response from the 646 coordinator but we're on our way with a car...

    asimonse "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Also just posted for lower manhattan for manhattan folk with no car. 54th and 53rd, cooking too

    ashmsing "(over 7 years ago)"
  • other post for manhattan was just taken down..?

    vsahni "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Yeh noticed that too? Maybe full? Was on way to check out

    ashmsing "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Oh it was for Brooklyn. Just realize it said 4th ave

    ashmsing "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Do you need help tomorrow? We have people coming in tonight from Long Island who lost their homes, but could help cook meals tomorrow night if you still need me! I live in Sunset Park and have several people over here who would be willing to volunteer. Tamara 917-822-8325

    tamara537 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I can cook tomorrow morning. olew 917-627-5129

    olew "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I am available to assist with whatever service is needed tomorrow but I don't have any transportation. I live on Quentin road 11223 in Brooklyn. 347-866-8133 If I can get a ride with someone, please contact me.

    finlaya "(over 7 years ago)"
  • What about Thursday morning/afternoon? I can cook and transport meals from Brooklyn. 201 519 0488

    acm1523 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • A friend and I can help transport meals what time can I come down tomorrow? please contact me at mindy.davila@yahoo.com, phone is not working unfortunately

    mdambitious2013 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I am available all day tomorrow to help, will you be cooking again? I am in Crown Heights if anyone is headed that way please text -- 646-234-3791

    vgoggin "(over 7 years ago)"
  • My friends and I are heading over to Rockaway beach area from Brooklyn on Sat. We can bring food. Are you guys gonna be at the same location?

    sleepytiger "(over 7 years ago)"
  • FYI, we will be at St. Jacobi church again today! We started at 10am, come on by! :o)

    alisontyne "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Do you guys still need drivers, I have a car and can do it

    estock "(over 7 years ago)"
  • i live in Elmhurst, Queens. I have a mini van. i can deliver food to Rockaways. Today/Tonight all day tomorrow. please contact me if you are still cooking today 917-680-5908

    paolaandreanyc "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I live in Elmhurst. I can help in Manhattan tomorrow and all weekend if need be. I don't have a car but I can definitely help with the cooking. Please let me know!! contact me at 347 724 0984.

    andreastephanie "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I live in morningside heights in Manhattan, I can help out but I will need a ride. I can meet up closer to Brooklyn if needed. My # is 816-808-3523. Text or call after 4:30pm today or tomorrow. Weekends I am free if help is still needed.

    hankdo2014 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I might be a little late, and i hear fema is on its way, but i have a large SUV and can fit a big load of food or up to 6 additional people. Since gas supplies are low, i can make only a few runs, however Im more than willing. I live in park slope, brooklyn and am available whenever.

    text/call/email: 917.379.5195 sharpscaleinc@gmail.com

    gewelz "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I can cook for the delivery but cannot distribute. I am in a full cast and walker so I cannot get out. I can cook tomorrow during the day, if someone can pick it up? I am in Washington Heights off the 1 line. Please call/text 631-804-7358

    ascocozzo "(over 7 years ago)"
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