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"Almost everywhere in the area was closed. A few feet down from the dumpster where senior citizens were eating from there is an organization called Nazareth housing who help the homeless. I immediately engaged the coordinator there. His name is Michael Callaghan. I introduced myself and told him I was part of a group who were trying to set up some sort of hub in the area to help not only receive donations but also distribute. He told me they have been working round the clock even in darkness and have fed hundreds of families. They are located at 206 E. 4th street( near the corner of Avenue A and 4th street).

He said they would be fine with receiving donations there as well as setting up some sort of working arrangement with us. I asked him what folks there need most and he wrote the following:

Toiletries Sandwiches Snack Packs Apples brown paper bags cookies batteries candles flashlights or LED lights that use batteries canned foods

I would also guess they need hygiene products and baby products too

There is NO cell phone signal in the lower east side......from where the lights go out. So apart from power, that is another beast. The spot ( Nazareth Housing) have a landline that michael said he can be reached on. Number is 212 471 7017. He also gave me a business card. Name of the org is Nazareth Housing inc"


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