Help The Smith Apartments

posted over 7 years ago by JustinOWS
This update is over 30 days old.

(From their Facebook event:

We're bringing water, food, and information up to elderly residents stuck inside their apartments without water or electricity. Organized by offshoot of CAAAV.

Gathering Point: 46 Madison Street (at Oliver), Lower East Side 10AM-5PM

What's needed (in order of importance) 1) You 2) Flashlight + batteries. Flashlight is for you. AAA and D batteries needed to hand out. 3) Food supplies (granola bars, nuts, ready-to-eat is best) 4) Water--we'll be bringing some but extra can't hurt.

Getting there from Brooklyn: Easiest way is to bike or walk over Manhattan Bridge. If you're driving or in cab, you'll need at least 3 people in the car in order to cross.


  • Ill be down there around 11.. Water and some food..

    christymcbabe "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Will someone be there at twelve to direct us? Leaving wb in a bit

    denisehatzis "(over 7 years ago)"
  • who do we speak to? contact? once we get there to volunteer.

    yeya61 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • I will be there around 3 PM, Will bring food and batteries if I can find some.

    ataylor132 "(over 7 years ago)"
  • If anyone is going down there, Anita might be around the neighborhood helping out. Her cell phone is 646-251-0730.

    HelpingHands "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Extremely disappointed and frustrated with your organization today for the many reasons. 1) At home this morning I registered with your site then called a number on your site and asked the person what else I needed to do and she said just show up and help. However, I could not find the volunteers and the Smith Apts upon arriving down town. A heads up from your org that there was no cellular service below 42nd street along second avenue to the location would have been extremely helpful. (I have friends whom live in disaster zones with no electricity but with excellent cell phone service). Although I am familiar with NYC streets, i had a lot of trouble finding the address because your site didn't indicate travel instructions via bus...which is ridiculous since bus is the only mode of public transportation below 42nd street now. If it wasn't for a few volunteers from another org I stopped in the street to ask if they could locate the address on their phones, I would have never found it. Those individuals had Verizon service by the way and not everyone has Verizon. 2) Once I finally got 46 Madison street, there was no one at the address. I have photos to prove it. If it wasn't for my determination, I wouldn't have accidentally noticed a giant crowd wayyyy down by the river off Madison. 3) At the Smith apt site i could not find anyone from your org. I only saw a bunch of volunteers from the mayors office who had never even heard of your org. 3) What on earth happened to you guys? Where on earth were you? 4) Lastly, I never even received confirmation emails after registering at your site. Had I received a confirmation and had cell service, i would have been able to pull up your site info from my cell phone to call your org for help. Shame on you.

    triax33 "(over 7 years ago)"
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