UPDATE: Help distributing supplies for elders on Bethune St - NEED BEING MET

posted over 1 year ago by joshross

UPDATE: The responses have been fantastic. Carolina says she will need people to help carry the water, batteries, flashlights, etc. up to the residents in the building starting around 4:30 PM today, Friday.

Westbeth at 55 Bethune St is in need of help ASAP. The building residents who remain are approximately 40 people, mostly elders, in need of water, batteries, flashlights, candles. Carolina Merelo is coordinating. She has received hundreds of responses - thank you for your help!


  • I've just emailed Carolina, I can bring batteries and water later this afternoon once I know where to go...

    Barbara S.

    BarbaraS (over 1 year ago)
  • Overwhelmed by hundred of responses. Everything can be brought to the community room. Im in Queens getting more water and batteries waiting for a ride to go back to the city. If I'm not there ask the front desk stuff for the community room. Thank you.

    Carolina (over 1 year ago)
  • Please let me know if you are needing volunteer assistance for tomorrow (Saturday)

    sclements89 (over 1 year ago)
  • Yes, please post information about volunteer assistance for Saturday November 3rd. Thank you.

    calja07 (over 1 year ago)
  • Let me know where I am needed and I'm there!

    jcrescio (over 1 year ago)
  • I'm also available to volunteer tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 3. Let me know, and I'll be there!

    Dakila (over 1 year ago)
  • Im available the rest of today and all of tomorrow. Which location is in most need of volunteers? I'll be there.

    gavin_r (over 1 year ago)
  • I am available tomorrow in the Lower East Side if more help is needed. Let me know and I will be there.

    jburgess87 (over 1 year ago)
  • I want to volunteer but I am working so I can only help on the weekend, are there any volunteer for tomorrow or sunday?

    ClaudiaO (over 1 year ago)
  • I'm heading there now should be there in the next hour and am happy to help run water or food to anyone by foot. - Christian

    Capstride (over 1 year ago)
  • i am available on the weekend email me jaapmylife@aol.com

    rosa (over 1 year ago)
  • I am available all weekend email me at alisa.finn@gmail.com. I also have friends who are available to volunteer as well.

    afinn12 (over 1 year ago)
  • want to know how we can help over the weekend.

    rsgraves (over 1 year ago)
  • i'm available tomorrow 11/2 please contact me

    hazelsouffle (over 1 year ago)
  • First of all Thanks Josh,it was incredible to see all the people who showed up to help and brought supplies. It was difficult to get back at everyone without a phone,as you know cellphone service was and remains down below 14St. We still need water,batteries and any none perishable food you can bring. Management and the crew from Westbeth have done an amazing job,organizing volunteers to go up to the apartments. Even if power comes back tonight or tomorrow it will take some time for the elevators to start working again so YES HELP will be appreciated tomorrow. We run out of gas for the only generator around 5pm,if anyone has an extra gallon or two or three it will be awesome. Food in Wheels showed up with more than a hundred meals. Hot Meals were delivery by the National Guard,Jennifer you saved the day helping me bring those 60+gallons of water ...wont go on and on about how awesome is to be part of this wonderful city. Just stop by New Yorkers and we will find something for you to do. Have a wonderful night.


    Carolina (over 1 year ago)
  • I can't get into the city until Monday. Can I help somewhere on Monday?

    hls77 (over 1 year ago)
  • I am available all weekend 11/3 & 11/4 if needed- lizharmon97@gmail.com

    lizharmon97 (over 1 year ago)
  • I am available all day today. 11/3 and possibly tomorrow 11/4. My abilities: - Can walk up building to deliver food/water (im skinny so i might not be able to carry much but i've walked down 43 flights before) - Do not have car or bike - can bring food EMAIL: e.bronte.manhattan@gmail.com.

    bronte (over 1 year ago)
  • Hi there! Id love to help out - available tomorrow (11/4), please contact me at lideeahh@gmail.com!

    lideeahh (over 1 year ago)
  • Available to help today and tomorrow until 1 pm. agnesimon77@gmail.com . Pls let me know, I can help delivery food etc by bike.

    Agnesimon77 (over 1 year ago)
  • Help still needed? I am free all day Sunday 11.4. I can get to west village easily and can be a runner. Will also bring supplies. Email me: gemmadepalma@yahoo.com

    Gemmagemmagemma (over 1 year ago)
  • Hello - I just got back in the city today. Would love to help out in someway tomorrow or next week. DO please let me know, I live in the west village on Perry and Hudson so can get there very easily. castm337@yahoo.com Thanks!

    castroco (over 1 year ago)
  • hi still need help? can help on sunday or monday, im the WV so easy , contact me msophiem@yahoo.com.

    gosandy (over 1 year ago)
  • god bless you all.

    purejuice (over 1 year ago)
  • Please let me know if you need assistance Monday. I am available all day and can be reached at leighraesmith@aol.com.

    leighraesmith (over 1 year ago)
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