Supplies & Chinese Translation Needed

posted over 1 year ago by Phonebank Volunteer3

CAAAV 46 Hester St Frnt A contact: (212) 473-6485, Specific Donation Requests at CAAAV: Water bottles C, D, AA, AAA batteries (and one 9 volt battery) Food (hot at lunch, non-perishable/bread/cookies) Some bottles of Ensure (Glucerna shake) for the elderly, vitamins for the elderly Generator (for shelter at 350 Grand St, Seward Park High School) Flashlighs Water Requests for Volunteers at CAAAV: CAAAV is really swamped with people seeking aid. Many are elderly and non-English speakers who are having a hard time. Volunteers are requested to come to the location to help. There is a special need for volunteers who can speak Mandarin.


blankets candles flashlights batteries water food socks towels printer paper baby items: diapers etc. pet food


  • Hi i speak both mandarin and cantonese and I am able to help on Sunday. But I went to CAAAV website and the twitter feed said they don't need volunteers any more. Please clarified. thanks.

    nomad1984 (over 1 year ago)
  • Same here. I speak Cantonese and can help Sunday. Please let me now if help is needed and location.

    jasontlee (over 1 year ago)
  • I speak Cantonese as well.

    garsleat (over 1 year ago)
  • I will try to bring Ensure, etc. today.

    salamensky (over 1 year ago)
  • Zipcar canceled; out of gas. Will try to bring Ensure, etc. Monday.

    salamensky (over 1 year ago)
  • Hi . I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin as well and can help out this Tuesday. Pls call me if u need me someone to translate or any medical help. I'm a nurse.

    Winnie2510 (over 1 year ago)
  • Hello! I speak mandarin and am free monday. Contact me if if a go to people are necessary

    Nantaragoodgame (over 1 year ago)
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