Get out to the Rockaways this weekend!

posted over 7 years ago by JustinOWS
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A message from our partners at New York Communities for Change (NYCC):

These are the locations for volunteering on Saturday in the Rockaways. We will be canvassing for long-term assessments around repairs, insurance, mortgage issues, unemployment, etc.

Volunteers are meeting at 11am:

15-26 Central Ave, Far Rockaway, Councilman Sanders Office Point Organizer: Amelia - 646-250-5797

321 Beach 57th St, Arverne, Community Room at Nordack Houses Point Organizer: Zach - 202-390-8331

We will also have a 10am meet up at our NYCC office to ship volunteers to the Rockaways: 2-4 Nevins St., Brooklyn

CONTACT: and the phone number to (347) 410-6919 ext. 285


  • Olivia

    Tell me what you need? We got tents, gas, power generators, etc.

    csscharity "(over 7 years ago)"
  • Scott 714-598-5282

    csscharity "(over 7 years ago)"
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