The Peoples Recovery Summit

posted almost 9 years ago by JustinOWS
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Dear Sandy Volunteers,

We've seen regular people like you and I from all over the city come together over the past 2+ months in response to Sandy. We turned entire churches into "holy warehouses" of donated items, then shipped them out to the hardest-hit neighborhoods of NYC. In dozens of "hubs" all over the city, we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with community leaders and residents to care for the most vulnerable among us and build back better.

What will the next 6 months bring? Will rich private developers swoop in like vultures to capitalize on this crisis, or will communities rise up and reclaim the city for a more equitable, environmentally-sustainable future?

On Feb. 1st, you're invited to take part in a conversation about the future of our city post-Sandy: the People's Recovery Summit, a 3-day gathering of volunteers, organizers, performers, residents and community leaders ready to strategize on the recovery effort. The two over-arching themes of the summit will be a more equitable and sustainable rebuilding of NYC post-Sandy. We are lining up a host of progressive community groups, labor unions, sympathetic elected officials, faith community and grassroots relief agencies to participate. Below you'll find a short list of desired Summit outcomes.

You can learn more about the Summit, and register today, at and RSVP on Facebook here. We're serious about making sure everyone who wants to participate can, so even if you can't make it please consider registering for someone less fortunate than yourself (and indicate so in your registration!)

Together, we can restore power to the people and build back better!


Justin Wedes Peoples Recovery Summit Planning Committee


• Connecting the dots between residents + advocates
• Connect environmental + economic justice, build better relationships between organizations towards a stronger, multi-tiered rebuilding process
• Gather intelligence on what the City/State/Federal government are/aren't doing, and what we need them to do 
• Unveil a Sandy Report with policy suggestions for equitable/accountable development
• A human rights focus: accountability, transparency, participation   
• Focus the conversation on equitable real estate development


• Community Toolkit of best practices for organizers + affected residents
• Needs assessment at Summit
• Sandy Pledge for politicians
• Non-violent direct action training
• Participatory budgeting (included in pledge)  


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